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Hi ,
i have i website that i have Cloudflare dns. My hosting is in Europe and my clients also. However i see that the Cloudflare serve my site from America , as a result to have more latency. Shouldn’t my site be served from the closest datacenter? Is there any option for that?

(Note that i use free plan.)

Thanks in advance!

If you visit the trace URL for your website, you can see which colo (location) is actually serving your site:

Hi ,
thanks for the immediate answer.
here is the results :

So that mean that it serving my site from France. However i am in Greece , it shouldn’t have said GR?
Also i make a nslookup and show me ip from America . Τhere is some confusion here , what is right after all ?
Is there any way or rule to serve it from the closest location.?

Thanks again!

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Cloudflare uses an anycast network. That means that you cannot determine the location of a node by the IP alone.

How your traffic (or your visitors’ traffic) is routed is determined by your (or your visitors’) ISP.

While the following guide has been marked as deprecated, I find it does a better job explaining certain concepts than its replacement, although the replacement is also a good read, so I have included it here as well.

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