Cloudflares Certificate Keys


I need to integrate my website with a payment api in the TSL/SSL model that requires the registration of a certificate.
Therefore, I have to register the certificate’s public key with this payment method.
And when I make the request in the api I have to use the private key to communicate.
I’m using Cloudflare SSL in FULL mode.
Can someone tell me if it is possible to have access to Cloudflare’s certificate’s public and private key so that I can integrate with this payment method?

Yes. You can retrieve this from the public side of your domain name. But it can and will change without notification.

No (as in never). If you are using Custom Certificates you would already have the keys.

Hi Michael.
I am not using a custom certificate. Is it possible to access the private key used in my domain to make the request?

As he said:

Congratulations, you have an insecure site and transfer your visitors’ payment data essentially in plaintext.

No, I havent. You didnt understand.
My connection is going with TSL. All secure.

If it is all secure switch it to Full Strict. Otherwise you still have an insecure connection.

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