Cloudflare's Brotli compression doesn't appear to be working?

I have Brotli compression activated for my account, but I see no indication that it is actually working. When I inspect the network resources using Chrome Developer Tools, the only ones listed with content-encoding: br are the external resources. Those from my domain are all listed with a content-encoding of gzip.

Does that mean that Cloudflare’s Brotli compression isn’t working for my site? What would need to be done to get it working?

To name your site for starters.

Your main document seems to be properly compressed. For the other resources there is a no-transform directive in the cache control header, which most likely originates from your server and will prevent Cloudflare from tampering with the data.

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Thanks for the tip! I hadn’t heard of no-transform and I’m looking into it now. Any idea what could be adding that directive, though? I’ve confirmed that it’s not set anywhere in any nginx config. Maybe a WordPress plugin adding a header?

Possibly, you could pause Cloudflare to go to your server directly to confirm that header is coming for your server, but its actually most likely, Cloudflare wouldnt usually add that without reason.

Turns out I did have a plugin editing the cache expiration dates and playing with that header as well. I think I’ve got it all figured out now. Thanks for your help @sandro!


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Hey @chris.rollins!
Having a similar issue with another domain, and wanted to ask if you remember what specific plugin was causing this?

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