Cloudflare's (better) alternative to Amazon SQS

On a new API-driven product we’re building at Tallyfy - we have a use case to queue async requests at the edge, mainly because we just don’t have the capacity to deal with servers being down, maintaining uptime, etc. - so trying to move everything to async as much as possible.

We are looking for Cloudflare to create a disruptive version of Amazon SQS at the edge, where a request gets queued and sits in the queue until it’s pulled out. The most amazing/disruptive element of this would be unlimited queues, unlimited messages and unlimited bandwidth/requests to pop from the queue - (or something SQS does not offer) - where only something like storage for messages is charged (for seconds of storage).

Any plans on building (and pricing) this better than SQS @KentonVarda and others? I know I’d be excited about a drop-in replacement for SQS, similar to S3.


Hey there! I’m one of Workers PMs, and I’d be happy to chat about queues. :slight_smile: Send an email to [email protected] so we can set something up.


@ashcon just emailed

Also super interested in this as it’s one of the only things holding me back from building a full app just using Cloudflare. One thing that always annoys me with sqs is the max 15 mins delay time. If you had the ability to delay a message from being picked up until a specific date/time that would be amazing. Would be perfect if combined with Cloudflare Event bus

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