Cloudflare's blacklisted by spam haus


Spamhaus has blacklisted a 512 cloudflare IPs. Can a Cloudflare rep cleanup the listed sites and contact spamhaus?

Can Cloudflare look into the sites listed on SBL406263 and contact the SBL team for listing removal after remediation?


Please see Search results for 'spamhaus' - Cloudflare Community . This is widely reported on, but it’s not anything Cloudflare can do and it shouldn’t affect your site. .

Assuming your site is properly set up with DKIM and SPF, the big tech email providers (Microsoft, Google, Yahoo) doesn’t use your site’s A records IP addresses for email reputation, so you won’t have any issues with email deliverability due to these IPs being “blacklisted” by a spam reporting company. see How to prevent your emails from going to spam



Did you look at the SBL? This is absolutely something Cloudflare can do something about. I originally included more information about the SBL, but it was marked as spam and advertising.

Someone is hosting a Carding fraud site/forum behind cloudflare. Hence the reason for the block.

Cloudflare could, but why would they when there are literally no negative effects of these IPs being marked as spam? Cloudflare automatically takes action against sites that end up on Google Safe Browsing and that’s good enough to actually protect unbeknownst users who might have clicked a fraud link. Any piece of software blacklisting IPs themselves in the current era is just out of touch - multi-customer CDNs with shared IPs are insanely common these days, with Cloudflare, Akamai, AWS, GCP, etc. doing it with no need to constantly investigate and ask for their IPs to be de-blacklisted.

How do I get in contact with an employee?

Some are here. You could also email support from an email with an active Cloudflare account or tweet @cloudflare on Twitter, but it would be productive if you shared your thought here on why you think Cloudflare should try to get these IPs removed from this SBL.

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Absolutely agree. IP reputation alone is a thing of the past - its belongs in the stone age (with software that still relies on it - cpanel et al), and used in conjunction any weight afforded to it should be very very low.

Report it as abuse, but it doesn’t mean CF will go pandering to Spamhaus for removal every week.

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Despite being in a blacklist can be seen as a “bad thing”, Cloudflare doesn’t send any direct email from the services. Even if Cloudflare IPs are blocked in every mail server, there will be no impact since there is no email actually being sent from the service and no check made under that…

Also, don’t confuse email blacklist with the IP reputation.
A IP can be blocked in a S/RBL blacklist, but still have a good web reputation. For instance, many residential IPs are blacklisted in major email lists, but they still have a good web reputation.
The web reputation can have impact in the domain inside a email text, a email blacklist don’t.


One of my sites is getting this warning now in my Wordfence scans. This started a day or so ago, so I’ll see how long until it clears up. It’s not even a domain that sends email…not that that has even the slightest connection to what Spamhaus thinks it does.

It boggles the mind why Spamhaus (or anybody else) would tie a shared IP address of a website to their outbound email reputation.

UPDATE (14 May): It looks like it’s cleared up.

That’s the same Spamhaus which tried to blackmail an entire registry to cancel domains on their request by blacklisting the registry itself.


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Hi Everyone,

Cloudflare Trust & Safety says it should be removed within 24 hours and no longer blacklisted.

Thank you Cloudflare Trust & Safety team


EDIT: Sorry, thought I was replying to my original post. This comment is in regards to that post.

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