I was wondering how long Cloudflare Pro takes to start working once I have activated it?

Once the nameservers are propagated and the zone (domain) shows as active on your Cloudflare dashboard

Thank you. Where do I find out if the nameservers are propogated and the zone (domain) shows that it is active on my dashboard?

You can check propagation here, DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool
and on your dash you’ll see a notice on the top indicating Cloudflare is active.

It looks like my nameservers are progogated. However, I am not seeing anything indicating that anything is “active” on my dashboard

I show it as active internally & also do not see the notice on your dash. Anther indicator will be in the audit logs showing nameservers confirmed. It all looks like the site became active very quickly and the messages are not yet shown on the dash nor logs, but you can see the timing here showing the nameserver change happening today.

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