CloudFlarePageBug-I cannot delete my site&Some important bugs

Using CloudFlarePageBeta,with Chinese Language

What’s more ,the gh-pages branch is deployed by another CI. I don’t want cloudflarepage to monitor this branch, because deploying preview branch will consume my quota. How can I avoid this?

Moreover, the most fatal point is that cfpage will delete .html from the web address,like this

It will 308 to this

And it casue many problems to me,I couldn’t find any solution in Cloudflare Pages documentation · Cloudflare Pages docs

Cloudflare Pages cannot be deleted currently. The team is working on it

Pages does direct to no extension, this is intended. I’m not sure of any way to avoid this.
(Docs note this here: Serving Pages · Cloudflare Pages docs)

The best place to discuss Pages (and other worker things) is the official Discord: Cloudflare Developers
Lots of members who can help along with CF staff.

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Thanks! But I really wonna set this good default as a option.Because it had cause so many problems when I using it.

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Can you please translate this into englisch so we can help you?

Also, is a mirros of ?
Just asking personally, so you do not have to answer.

Well,I will post new picture soon.

I wanted to bind to ,but the 308 redirect made me unable to use it.

Will it is still not work.But the error message turned to coming soon

The Error is: 8000026

Please contact CloudFlare support and tell them the Error you get is 8000026 as I’am very unfamiliar with this error.

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