Cloudflared with Warp Connector

We have following requirements.

  1. Users should be able to access services running in private networks
  2. private networks should communicate to each other. (site to site connection)

to achieve this we have installted cloudflared as well as warp connectors. where all cloudflared are in vnet-1 and warp connectors are in vnet-2 (to avoid the overlapping ips)

we are able to use vnet-1 as the cloudflared is very simple to use. our users can access the system which they are allowed in there profile

we are able to install warp connectors into one of our local server as AWS ec2 instance. device is created. network is correct. warp tunnel is active. we are using include split tunning added both subnet and into included list.

warp connector running on the vms are using correct. vnet (vnet-2). ip route tables are getting updates as per requirement.

warp connectors are able to telnet over the warp CGNET ip.

but private ip communication is not happening between the networks…

we have followed the article