Cloudflared & WARP private IPv6 subnet

Hi all,

I tried to replace our existing VPN with cloudflared and WARP Teams. It works perfectly fine for applications we host in our network. In the tunnel settings, I entered the IPv4 subnets we use in the network. For DNS I have set up the Local Domain Fallback for our internal domain. That works also perfectly fine and the internal DNS servers resolve the application domains with A and AAAA records.

Some of the internal applications/servers have AAAA records. And all these applications do not work through WARP. With the old VPN (IPv4 only) the client PCs understood, that they only have a IPv4 connection and just accessed the application (websites) with the IPv4 address.

Now with warp, the clients try to connect to the IPv6 address of the internal servers. I tried to add our internal IPv6 subnet (2a02:590::::/64) to the tunnel private network settings. But it seems that is has no effect. The client PCs always try to go through the internet and not via WARP and the cloudflared tunnel.

Is there a possibility to add also IPv6 subnets to the cloudflared tunnel and also make WARP clients recognize this? Otherwise I would have to remove all AAAA records of our internal servers to make these applications to work for WARP clients.