Cloudflared version - how to find it

Last week, I received an email that Cloudflare will no longer support versions of cloudflared released prior to 2020.5.1

We have a number of legacy applications on Linux machines, and don’t have much experience/knowledge of the VM’s.

Is there an easy way to find out what version of Cloudflared that these applications are running? I cannot find anything on the applications via, so I presume someone will need to go in to each VM and check them individually? Is there a simple command to do this?

Unfortunately yes at the moment.

However, I heard that Cloudflare team is working on this feature (if I recall correctly), but I don’t have any ETAs on that.

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Thanks Eric for your reply. Can you tell me if there is a command to check this, or a specific file that can checked on the VM for the version?

cloudflared --version


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