Cloudflared Update Service Down?

We are testing the update command and it’s reporting now update is available. We get an error that no update is available. We tested on multiple machines with older cloudflared.exe’s and all report the same thing. Is the update service offline?

cloudflared update
ERROR[2021-02-22T13:39:15-08:00] update check failed: no release found
failed to update cloudflared: no release found


What version are you using?

I noticed that updating from version 2020.5.0 to 2020.10.2 also worked for me. From version 2020.10.0 updating was not possible anymore.

Deprecated versions

Cloudflare currently supports all versions of cloudflared . Starting on March 20, 2021, Cloudflare will no longer support versions released prior to 2020.5.1.

All features available in versions released prior to 2020.5.1 are available in current versions. Breaking changes unrelated to feature availability may be introduced that will impact versions released prior to 2020.5.1.

Version(s) Deprecation status
2020.5.1 and later Supported
Versions prior to 2020.5.1 Will no longer be supported starting March 20, 2021

2020.11.11 will not update. Is it possible that’s the latest production release?

I just upgraded an older cloudflared and it got 2021.2.2 so it seems update is broken on any newer clouflared.exe’s past 10.10.2020?