Cloudflared Tunnel very flakey with websockets

Tunnel drops websocket after the endpoint sends the first websocket frame (chrome displays it as error 1006) but using wireshark we see that the tunnel sends a FIN right after endpoint sends first frame.

Connecting to same endpoint without tunnel works 100% of the time, no FIN is sent.

This happens randomly during random times of day, sometimes and for some users it happens 100% of the time, other times 50%, othertimes it happens <1%.

If you have logs you should open a support ticket with the details. It is unlikely the community is going to be able to debug it for you.

Im wondering if anyone else has same problem.

We have had periods where tunnels/warp lose connection; the issues come and go.
I assume it’s due to nodes getting saturated and people with lower priority plans being re-routed.

Nevertheless, I’d still reach out to support to see if your case is different.

Thats the thing tunnel works fine, but when a websocket gets opened on the same domain, it fails often with 1006.

Hit << no problems
Hit wss:// << problem

Hit << no problems
Hit ws:// << problem