Cloudflared tunnel, two websites, two tunnels


I am trying to setup two different websites. For example : website1 and website2. The nameservers are configured with Cloudflare for both. I just created two websites that are hosted on my raspberry pi 4 using apache2. I can access both of them from my raspberry pi using the corresponding domain name (i.e. website1 and website2) (locally obviously)

First thing first, I set up a tunnel using this guide : “Setting up a Cloudflare Tunnel on the Raspberry Pi” from “pimylifeup”

When I run the tunnel with the command : ```
cloudflared tunnel run --url website1:80 tunnel1

it successfully redirects me to the good website. But when I try and run : ```
cloudflared tunnel run --url website2:80 tunnel1

just to test if both website works, it still shows me the html website from website1. It seems that whatever I write after --url, the tunnel redirects me to localhost, which surely enough shows me the first working website that I created, I.E. website1

I’d like to know what I could do to resolve this issue.

Also, I tried creating a second tunnel for my website2. I thought I would have to run " ```
cloudflared tunnel login

Thanks a lot for your help!


EDIT : imagine there is a “.com” at the end of pretty much all website1 and website2. The forum won’t let me put links in my post