Cloudflared tunnel receives POST request as GET

I set a cloudflare tunnel on my local machine and am trying to receive a simple POST request from postman. I am running cloudflared in debug log mode using cloudflared tunnel --logfile mytunnel.log --loglevel debug run <tunnel-name> I only see all the request being GET instead of the POST requests I sent from postman. How do I debug this issue?

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Iā€™m running into this same issue while testing my app. My client is sending a POST request with JSON payload and Cloudflare is tunneling it as a GET.

Happy to provide any information that might help troubleshoot this issue.

Quick update. I noticed that everything works well when my client uses HTTPS. The issue is when using HTTP.

I had a similar problem. In the Postman console, I could see that cloudflare was redirecting the POST and it came through as a GET.

I finally figured out that the reason for the redirect was that I have Cloudflare set up to redirect to

When I configured my POST request in Postman to use it started working.