Cloudflared tunnel not working with a dreamhost domain

I did setup a Cloudflare tunnel on my k8s cluster, tunnel is up:

XXXX name 2022-05-04T13:27:22Z 4xAMS, 3xFRA, 1xLHR

K8s config is good, service is running, problem is:

My domain setup

  • Main DNS zone → with Cloudflare activated
  • Sub DNS zone → Digital Ocean
  • CNAME mapping → Digital Ocean

Is this unsupported?

The <guid> domain will only route traffic if it comes from your zone - so I would very much assume that it only works with zones that are using Cloudflare DNS.

To route traffic through a tunnel (if properly configured) you would point the CNAME of the host to the Cloudflare Tunnel configured to support/ route the associated traffic.