Cloudflared Tunnel - Non standard port

Would like to use a tunnel for a new project, however external agents need to be able to talk to a non standard port ( In the past, I know that the proxied records only support 80/443 (unless enterprise). Is that the same for a tunnel?

Do I just create a public hostname and as long as I have that service specified, it will allow it through? ( > Remote systems will communicate via

Remote systems would talk to on standard ports.

Cloudflare Tunnels map a hostname (i.e on standard ports to the non-standard port defined in your service (i.e http://localhost:8383).

With the systems trying to communicate with a gateway at, what happens to the traffic that the external agents send to :8383? Just drops unless it is over 80/443?

8383 would be dropped tunnel or not - Cloudflare does not listen to that port.

As for if the other supported ports work with Tunnels, I haven’t tried that personally and you’d have to test it - but I don’t see any reason for them since Tunnels can map standard to non-standard.