Cloudflared tunnel list not working

My tunnel is working fine on my Ubuntu machine (and I can access my web apps), but I can’t access any information from the command line. I want to check some details, but I get the following error after entering the “cloudflared tunnel list” command. How do I see tunnel information?

3960 $ cloudflared tunnel list
2023-12-29T19:58:58Z ERR Cannot determine default origin certificate path. No file cert.pem in [~/.cloudflared ~/.cloudflare-warp ~/cloudflare-warp /etc/cloudflared /usr/local/etc/cloudflared]. You need to specify the origin certificate path by specifying the origincert option in the configuration file, or set TUNNEL_ORIGIN_CERT environment variable originCertPath=

Error locating origin cert: client didn't specify origincert path
3961$ cloudflared tunnel info

"cloudflared tunnel info" accepts exactly one argument, the ID or name of the tunnel to get info about.

See 'cloudflared tunnel info --help'.

cert.pem is unique to a domain (zone)

Wonder if topic from below could help a bit for troubleshooting in your case :thinking:

I can’t really find anything in that posting that is similar to my set up. I don’t have a “~/.cloudflared” directory and I didn’t start mine with Docker. I used this:

curl -L --output cloudflared.deb
sudo dpkg -i cloudflared.deb
sudo cloudflared service install {token}

I searched my ~ and /var directories with a grep command and can’t find anything with cloudflare in the name. There a ton of config.yml files in my Docker library, but none of them are related to cloudflare because I’m running it from the base installation.

Same issue here.

Hi @sanjosanjo i found how to fix.Simply exec

cloudflared login

open link and check instruction.

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Thank you! That worked.

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