Cloudflared tunnel in "dns only" mode, without Cloudflare proxy

I’d like to use cloudflared tunnel without Cloudflare proxy protection. I opened a tunnel with cloudflared tunnel and it appears in the dash as a CNAME record and it is proxied (orange cloud) by default.

However, I observe that changing it to “dns only mode” (grey cloud) makes the tunnel no longer work at all. Also, the destination in the dns record, ***, does not seem to be accessible.

I would like to use the tunnel alone, I do not require Cloudflare protection now. Is that possible?
in particular, I’d like to use my own ssl certificate

A Cloudflare tunnel by definition connects to Coudflare’s edge to expose the origin so there’s no a concept of a DNS only tunnel. If the traffic is routing to Cloudflare’s edge it’s being proxied. If it isn’t routed to Cloudflare’s edge there’s be no route to host through the tunnel.

Perhaps you should just open an inbound port on your firewall and create a DNS record which points to your origin IP address.


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