Cloudflared tunnel error

My Java application deployed in 4 active servers(app1/app2/app3/app4). I use NGINX as load balancer to route traffic to my java application. NGINX is installed on 2 servers (lb1/lb2). Both nginx are active and serve requests at 50-50 ration

i want to secure my traffic to load balancers using Cloudflare tunnel.
so i created/configured Cloudflare tunnel locally on lb1
CNAME(cfargotunnel)record created automatically in Cloudflare UI and working perfect.

when i execute the same in lb2 its failing at below command
“cloudflared tunnel route dns prodshoptunnel2 shop.techxenon”
getting error “Failed to add route: code: 1003, reason: An A, AAAA, or CNAME record with that host already exists”

i understood that CNAME is already created by tunnel on lb1(prodshoptunnel1).

How to resolve this?
The point is i need to bring two NGINX load balancers into Cloudflare tunnel scope to serve traffic.

flow is Browser–>Cloudflare–Nginx(loadbalancer1/2)–java server

Just run cloudflared tunnel run on lb2 with the same config.yml and uuid.json.

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Hi @pieak

lb1—>tunnel id is abc-def.json(tunnel name is ‘prodshoptunnel1’)
lb2—>tunnel id is uvw-xyz.json(tunnel name is ‘prodshoptunnel2’).

as suggested, lb1 and lb2 have same config.yml and uuid.json(abc-def.json). it did not work.
i guess becasue as the tunnel id is maintained by Cloudflare which is not recognising this tunnel on lb2.

just to mention, i skipped “cloudflared tunnel route dns prodshoptunnel2 shop.techxenon” on lb2.

please correct me if i am wrong

I am not quite sure what’s wrong with your configuration.
But the correct configuration for development should be like this:

Local PC:

  1. cloudflared tunnel login
  2. cloudflared tunnel create prodshoptunnel
  3. cloudflared tunnel route dns prodshoptunnel shop.techxenon

NEVER upload cert.pem.


  1. Create a configuration file.
  2. Upload UUID.json.
  3. cloudflared tunnel run prodshoptunnel


  1. configuration file copied from LB1.
  2. UUID.json copied from LB2.
  3. cloudflared tunnel run prodshoptunnel

Now everything should work.

For production, and might be helpful.

Hi @pieak , Thanks for the info.

Its working perfect on lb1 and lb2 but with a problem.
The connectors on lb1 and lb2 are shutting down(not persistent) or deleted when i logged out of machines.

These are what you need. :grinning: