Cloudflared Tunnel error "expect ICMP echo, got neighbor advertisemen"

I’m running couldflared version 2024.4.0 on a Mac running os 14.4.1.
I’m trying to connect to a local web server on
Everything looks good in my console. DNS is set up tunnel is healthy and site is active.

When I activate the tunnel on my machine via terminal cloudflared tunnel --loglevel debug run --token XXXXXX

The tunnel opens up fine but I get these two errors and I cannot connect to the url.

2024-04-23T02:13:21Z DBG Failed to parse ICMP reply, continue to parse as full packet error=“expect ICMP echo, got destination unreachable” dst=

2024-04-23T02:13:21Z DBG Failed to parse ICMP reply as full packet error=“unknow ip version 0” dst=

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Same situation right after the tunnel restart. For me it self resolves after ~4 minutes