Cloudflared to WARP device communication

I have device A, which is cloudflared installed, ofcourse it doesn’t have virtual IP.

I have device B, which is warp installed, ofcourse it has virtual IP that given by CGNAT network ( let’s say it has IPv4

I expect, device A is able to communicate with device B.

For example:

@deviceA: ping
Reply from device B 50ms

I know that cloudflared is working on layer 4 while warp at layer 3. Therefore pinging device B is not possible I think.

Therefore, how about trying to perform http request to the, let’s assume device B has already installed web server on host:port

I expect I can do this:

@deviceA: curl
200 OK from deviceB

So, how do I do that? I know that accessing is not possible with just using cloudflared, but listening on localhost on specific port that mapping to the device B is possible. For example mapping <deviceA_localhost>:8080 ->

@deviceA: curl
200 OK from