Cloudflared to expose non-common UDP ports?

Hi, I’m trying to connect to ports 1514 or 1515 via UDP but I don’t see any option for CF tunnels, I used the quic protocol but I get no connection. Is there any other option for exposing UDP ports behind NATs using CF?

If you set up a tunnel, your client devices also need to use the cloudflared client I believe, as shown in the RDP tutorial

Now, I’m not sure if UDP itself is currently allowed/routed over Tunnel; the docs only explicitly say TCP but I know RDP has a UDP transport, so perhaps UDP is supported.

As for other options, being able to route arbitrary UDP or TCP over Cloudflare is available via Cloudflare Spectrum Enterprise, which would entail specifying your use case to CF and getting a price estimate (>1000 USD a month).

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