Cloudflared SSH Tunnel port forwarding to UDP

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So, I want to set up a UDP connection to a pc witch is running a server on port 30120.
I heard about UDP connections using the SSH tunnel

What do I want To Do? :thinking:

I want to make a cloudflared tunnel to a server using SHH that will tunnel to a UDP connection with a port 30120. the SHH will be done by Cloudflare because I know that it is possible, according to this DOC.
How can I set up the configuration internally
also, this is not an app it’s a server… people need to connect to it using an IP eg


Is it possible? if so how?

Yes, but it requires Cloudflare WARP VPN on all clients that need to connect.

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Does this mean that they need to be members, of Cloudflare Zero Trust?
each one that is trying to connect, or do they just need the Cloudflare application to be installed on the pc?

Yes, they’ll need to be logged into your Cloudflare Zero Trust organization and connected to Cloudflare WARP.

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