Cloudflared sometimes respond HTTP Status 200 with empty body

Hi, we use Cloudflare tunnel which accept Github webhook into our internal network.
In many cases, it works fine, but sometimes(n times per day) Github recorded 200 status code with Cf-Ray ID response header and empty response body.

However, we cannot find any network trafiic from cloudflared to backend about it, and Cf-Ray ID was not recorded in cloudflared log.
Cloudflared is running with the below setting, so I think if some traffic come into cloudflared, it will be reorded in log.


I wonder which component return Cf-Ray ID and 200 HTTP status and empty body.
I suspect Cloudflare or cloudflared.

Any information?

My case matches the below issue.

I will watch Cloudflare updates.

Have you checked if the service that the tunnel connects to doesn’t fail or restart?
In my case, I use PM2 to keep alive Node server permanently.

Thanks @adaptive.
I have already checked the connection between cloudflared and backend service.
I am running cloudflared and backend service in Kubernetes.
However, I couldn’t see any trace of apps, nodes and Kubernetes components.