Cloudflared service not removed after uninstall

I am trying to uninstall the cloudflared service I installed on my ubuntu machine, using the command:

sudo cloudflared service uninstall

This is the output after running the uninstall:

INF Using Systemd
INF Service ‘cloudflared-update.timer’ not installed, skipping its uninstall
INF Service ‘cloudflared.service’ not installed, skipping its uninstall
INF Service ‘cloudflared-update.service’ not installed, skipping its uninstall
INF Linux service for cloudflared uninstalled successfully

If I try to install the service again, as a test, with sudo cloudflared service install I get the error:

cloudflared service is already installed at /etc/systemd/system/cloudflared.service; if you are running a cloudflared tunnel, you can point it to multiple origins, avoiding the need to run more than one cloudflared service in the same machine; otherwise if you are really sure, you can do cloudflared service uninstall to clean up the existing service and then try again this command

I would recommend opening an issue on the cloudflared repo for this. In the meantime, you can just delete the service file after uninstalling and before re-installing.

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I have the same issue, did you open an repo for this, in case of yes can you drop the link

I had the same issue. When I deleted cloudflare’s files and folders from /etc/systemd/system/ it worked.

It’s actually pretty easy, i was suffering from same thing but the solution is pretty easy here a quick guide:
Just delete the files listed in this photograph manually.
Screenshot 2023-09-09 204306
After than you can try to reinstall your tunnel.
It will work, so easy right?
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I had to delete all 4 files in the dir for it to finally work. It was like wackamole otherwise.
rm /etc/systemd/system/cloudflared/*

Its Work for me too
rm /etc/systemd/system/cloudflared*