Cloudflared Service Installation

I am attempting to install Cloudflared for WARP/Teams. I have downloaded the x64 .exe for my Windows Server 2016 Standard. When I run the .exe, I get a black DOS/PowerShell screen with No Activity.

Do I need to be using an Install Loader? Does the .exe not self-install? Is there a switch or other command I am missing? I am running the .exe as an admin.

Thank You!

I found enough user documentation to get past this point. Now I am stuck on the following;

Cannot determine default configuration path. No file [config.yml config.yaml] in [~/.cloudflared …

I have created the appropriate file in Notepad and saved it as config.yml in the appropriate directory. It can still not be located. In addition, I moved Cloudflared.exe to the same directory and ran the Powershell commands from there. Still the same error.

I keep plugging away and making it one baby step at a time. I wish there was a more cohesive onboarding guide.

My current challenge is, once I issue the tunnel run command, I do not get returned to a command prompt where I can input the route ip. Is that normal?

Generally, we’d recommend that you route your tunnel ( cloudflared tunnel route ip add <IP/CIDR> <NAME> ) before performing the run command. After running your tunnel, you can use the cloudflared tunnel info to view the connections for the tunnel you just created as well.

Based on some of the context above, this guide may be helpful as well:

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