Cloudflared service fails to resolve ``

Cloudflared 2023.2.1 is running on a Windows environment.

Cloudflared tunnel fails to start with error=“Couldn’t resolve SRV record &{ 7844 1 1): lookup no such host”.

Utilizing powershell I was unable to reach -port 7844, but I was able to successfully reach -port 7844.

This issue began approximately 1330 EST after performing system update/reboot.

I’ve attempted reinstalling the Cloudflare service, and configuring new tunnels using the documentation via cli and gui. All tunnels are failing on different systems (both windows and debian).

Send help,

Issue resolved.

Fun fact:

I installed Firewalla Gold as the primary router and DNS server. The ad block feature on Firewalla blocks, and Issue resolved after adding an explicit allow rule.

Not sure why they’re being blocked by Firewalla ad block.

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General Ad block lists do block Cloudflare because other clients might use it for ad delivery purposes.

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