Cloudflared replica or loadbalancing?

I have 2 servers A,B running the same services

I currently have both servers using the same cloudflared tunnel, in case one server goes down.

My issue is that if a server A is up, but one of the services on it goes down (502 error for instance), the end user is still directed to server A that has the down service (the user is accessing the specific service via a url) instead of being sent to tunnel B.

Is this something that can be resolved without using load balancing?

I looked into load balancing, but I’m unsure how to set it up. Would I have to use two different tunnels?
if so, how would I get it so that the end user doesn’t need to use a different url to access the same service hosted on the two servers? It seems as if I can’t have the same url on two different tunnels, at least when I’m going to configure the tunnel (I get a Error: An A, AAAA, or CNAME record with that host already exists.)