Cloudflared Question

I’ve been following guides to setup a tunnel for SSH access to my server. On my local machine I have installed Cloudflared and added a tunnel which i see in my dashboard and is running with ‘healthy’ status.

Do I need to install or configure anything on the actual server? As far as I understand Cloudflare is acting as a firewall and as long as I have configured it correctly Cloudflare should simply forward SSH traffic to the server, or does Cloudflared have to be installed on the server?

To this point I have been using Cloudflared locally to create the tunnel, login nd run etc.

Am I correct in stating that Cloudflared does not have to be running on the server or have I misunderstood?

You need Cloudflared on both server and client. The steps you have taken so far are for the server, not the client.

You can find more information here:


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