Cloudflared on Kubernetes

Hi ya’ll! I wanted to know if it is possible to route multiple apps using Cloudflared.

When I configured cloudflared locally on a computer, i noticed I am only able to route to one web app running on :80.

I currently have couple web apps running on Kubernetes. At the moment my Ghost blog is running on a pod and I am using cloudflared to access it externally. You can check it out on interestingsoup. com.

I want to deploy another pod and also access it with cloudflared but with another domain/subdomain.

Is that possible? I want to access both pods using different domains. for example I want to access Ghost Blog pod on interestingsoup. com and I want to access urbit pod on urbit. interestingsoup. com .

My kubernetes stack uses MettalLb as a loadbalancer and I get different IP assigned for each pod.

Please assist.

There is this guide:

hmm, i came across that but I was not sure it it accomplishes what I want. I needed some validation from someone. I take your response as validation :slight_smile: