Cloudflared on docker - synlogy


I am trying to activate the Cloudflare tunnel using docker on my synology.
when running the command

docker run cloudflare/cloudflared:latest tunnel --no-autoupdate run --token myToken

the container crash with these error

ERR update check failed error="Get \"\": dial tcp: lookup on mynasip:53: read udp>mynasip:53: i/o timeout"
2023-01-12T17:15:01Z ERR Error looking up Cloudflare edge IPs: the DNS query failed error="lookup on mynasip:53: read udp> i/o timeout"

outbound traffic on port 53 is not blocked

any idea why this is happenning?

It seems like the container can’t reach the local IP of the DNS resolver, which seems to be

yes you are right :frowning:
it will be almost impossible, there is an ISP router that I can’t access to (they don’t provide us access to the main router here in the UAE) so i will not be able to do any port forwarding to the NAS

That local IP should be inside your network, though.

There might be ways to make Docker use a public DNS service or change the setting, can’t help you there, though.

yes this is my NAS local IP.

What network are you using? It should use “bridge” not “host”.

Bridge too.
The issue is with the port forwarding
my home internet is set like that

ISP fiber modem and router (Huwaei) → Unifi Dream Router → AP → Devices

The issue is that the provider is not allowing me to access the config of the Huawei router and i can’t forward port (53 in this case).

after reading the documentation, port forwarding is not required. I just the DNS but it still failing with the same error.

Could not lookup srv records on lookup on read udp> i/o timeout