Cloudflared ipv6 tunnel for UDP

Hi! I’m attempting to run a bunch of services within docker containers on my home server, and use the docker networking and ipv6 tunnelling to completely avoid port forwarding or similar pains.

Currently I’ve got it working for tcp/http cloudflared and ingress rules.

However some of the services I’m using require UDP.
This doesn’t seem like something which should be a problem (it should just involve forwarding the UDP packets to the relevant IPv6 address), however I think I may be missing a configuration option.

if you’re attempting to make your UDP service available to all (e.g. not secured to authenticated users only via Warp + Cloudflare for Teams as part of a Zero Trust Networking config) then to expose a UDP service via the Cloudflare edge network, you would need Spectrum:

Hi! Thanks for the response, that is vaguely what I ended up coming to the conclusion of.

I eventually tried to get it working via a ipv6 tunnel.
This did work for some of the users, however some are virgin media users and cannot connect to anything ipv6 without their own tunnel…

With regards to spectrum, what is the pricing structure for it? I am currently a free customer (hence the community forum) however from what I can see, for spectrum to serve UDP services it requires an enterprise subscription. Do I contact sales for that?

So for arbitrary UDP services on Spectrum you would need an Enterprise plan and the sales team can share more about pricing for that. Let me know if you’d like me to put you in touch or you can fill out the contact form on and our team will get in touch with you.

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