Cloudflared Ingress Rules - HTTP Redirect and custom Headers


I’ve been going through the Ingress rules · Cloudflare for Teams documentation, but I couldn’t find a way to implement a simple HTTP redirect or the ability to add/remove headers.

Is this possible or in the pipeline?


You can’t do this in your tunnel configuration, unfortunately. Perhaps Transform Rules could be a viable alternative?

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As in a 301/302 forwarder that’s available in Page Rules?

Yes, but, would want to do it on the origin-side. Managed by the web admin, as opposed to granting them access to the whole Cloudflare Account.


That would be the same as any other server-initiated redirect. Either .htaccess, or a 0-second HTML ‘refresh’ tag, or even buried in the server’s config files.

The apps are all docker containers, the web admins are actually running 3rd party ones. So, they can’t directly edit any of those, otherwise, it’ll break upon update.

but, if it’s not available in Cloudflared itself, I’ll get them to spin up an nginx container probably.

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