Cloudflared in CI/CD pipeline

I have a site hosted on a DigitalOcean droplet, with my DNS being handled by Cloudflare. I have access set up to the server running through a Cloudflare Tunnel, using cloudflared on my local system for access.

I recently moved my code repository to GitLab in an attempt to automate away some of the boring bits (ftp to server, copy to www, blah blah blah). Obviously, that creates some problems with using a CI/CD pipeline… How do you authorise the ssh connection?

My question is thus, is there any way to use cloudflared with CI/CD on GitLab in this capacity?

Hi @michael34

Have you taken a look at this documentation? Zero Trust GitLab SSH & HTTP · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

That appears to be the reverse of what I want. I’m looking for a way to connect into my Tunnel using a CI/CD pipeline hosted elsewhere.