Cloudflared.exe blocked by Windows Security

Just downloaded 64bit version cloudflared.exe and got this warning from Windows Security


Can confirm I am also getting this when downloading both 32 and 64bit installers.

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Where did you download it from?

Downloads · Cloudflare for Teams documentation

Well, you can simply allow the download to run or open!

Yes, you can. Regardless it should not be flagging it though.

Yeah, it’s strange that it’s doing that!

It could be false alarm or contamination. That’s why I want Cloudflare to check it by posting it on this forum. You know, the software supply chain is a big risk right now.

True, could be a false-positive or a contaminated file

Just got this as well,

Brand new release has no trojan warning. [2021.11.0]

I assume this was a false positive generated from [2021.10.5] build?

Looking at the msi and exe file in virustotal, is there a reason why it is contacting ?