Cloudflared connecting to server behind firewall

I have a server that only allows ports 80 and 443 through to the server. Currently using VPN to access all other ports. Installed and configured cloudflared on the server. On my client using the command cloudflared access ssh --hostname {domain I setup in zero trust}

And it sits there for about 2 mins and then returns to the command line. So it seems firewall is still blocking cloudflared. What do I need to do with my firewall to get this working?

Normally you just allow port 80, 443 for ingress and egress connections are freely allowed (the firewall allows the incoming replies as it is stateful, otherwise DNS, NTP and other stuff doesn’t work).

If you really do have a strict outbound policy limiting egress from the server, then to allow cloudflared out…

egress traffic is not limited.

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