Cloudflared config not working until added in dashboard

I have cloudflared running, with tunnel established, and a config file that maps to fun.local, for example. I have run cloudflared tunnel route dns -f my-tunnel successfully. does not work until I also add the>fun.local mapping in

This doesn’t seem right, should my local config be reflected in the dashboard?

It’s local config or remote config, one or the other. If you set it up with local config, it should read from your local ingress config, and you need to create the DNS Record Manually after or using that command. If you set it up with Remote Config/From the dashboard, all changes must be done in there.

It sounds like it is a dashboard tunnel, created/configured from the dashboard, so it will only use the dashboard config. Personally, I’d recommend that, as it takes care of DNS for you in the same step, instantly updates the tunnel’s configuration, and has other integrations like with Access that only require one click.

If you really want to use local config though, set it up according to the from Command line tutorial: Via the command line · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

Thanks that was it!

I’d suggest the team make this more obvious on the dashboard.

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