Cloudflared can't use DNS over Https

Pihole doesn’t forward my queries to upstream Cloudflared DNS server

At first, I posted the same in the pihole community and they prompted me to post it here too.

Details about my system:
I am using Pihole on a raspberry pi 4. I am also running an upstream DNS Cloudflared server in port 5053 in order to use the Encryption over Https(DOH).

The problem is that the status of my queries are OK (answered by localhost#5053) and NOT OK (forwarded to localhost#5053).

[]tells me I am not using Cloudflared and not DOH either.

In the third picture the following error appears:

failed to connect to an HTTPS backend “” error=“failed to perform an HTTPS request: Post “\”: context deadline exceed> (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)”

Also to note is that for query “” my client is but in the query log it lists my router client

Does anybody know how to resolve this? Do you think this is a network issue?

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