Cloudflared "Cannot determine default configuration path"

I am trying to set up Cloudflare Tunnels on a Raspberry Pi running 64 bit Ubuntu.

I followed the Tunnel Guide instructions and that part seemed seemed to work.

Now I’m trying to follow the Run as a service instructions because I want this tunnel to run all the time whenever the Raspberry Pi is turned on, but I keep on getting this error, even though I think I created the file in the expected location.

ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo cloudflared service install
Cannot determine default configuration path. No file [config.yml config.yaml] in [~/.cloudflared ~/.cloudflare-warp ~/cloudflare-warp /etc/cloudflared /usr/local/etc/cloudflared]
ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ ls ~/.cloudflared
xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx.json cert.pem config.yml

I’ve already tried starting from scratch with a fresh install of Ubuntu and I ran into the same error again. Any ideas?

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I suspect it’s not working because sudo isn’t looking at your “ubuntu” user home directory.

Ultimately, all my files end up in /etc/cloudflared/ and readable by all.

I’d suggest you leave local config files where they are meant to be.

I think the problem is with cloudflared not looking in the correct directory and reporting to you that it can’t find the file.

Use the --config option and pass the full path to where your config file resides to cloudflared. For example:
sudo cloudflared --config /home/username/.cloudflared/config.yml service install

This will force cloudflared to look exactly where you want it to.


That makes sense, though I always ended up with duplicate copies in /etc/cloudflared, and I haven’t taken the time to try some cleanup.

That definitely seemed to be the problem, thanks!

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This works. I think it’s because it is lacking the permission as @sdayman said.

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