Cloudflared as a vpn

Is there any configuration which will route all web traffic from client via my server’s IP address, and client’s public IP address will effectively be hidden.

What will be my private ip ofmy local machine when using warp and connected to a AWS VPC .

Can i use cloudflared and warp connect to a vpc and use that as a vpn ?

Can I setup a vpn on AWS using cloudflared and warp or a proxy server

WARP is Cloudflare’s own VPN service, and it’s hosted on their servers. cloudflared is supposed to be a way to access your own resources, whilst on the WARP network. Neither were designed to let you self host a VPN.

WARP’s design considerations with allowing servers to see the original client’s IP may not be for you, which is why I assume you want to host your own service. Creating a VPN like that wouldn’t be using Cloudflare’s service at all, but rather would be competing against it.

If you still want to create your own VPN that’s similar to WARP, I’d suggest reading this blog post from Cloudflare, explaining how WARP is made under the hood. You can use WireGuard / Boringtun (Cloudflare’s implementation of WireGuard) like they have in WARP, or you can use something like OpenVPN.

There’s actually a project by Google called Outline, which is supposed to make it really easy to setup small VPNs for yourself on cloud providers like AWS.

Actually I have no plan of self hosting :smile_cat: vpn, warp is enough but i am curious :nerd_face:, i know the warp doesn’t show or give static ip but when i connect to warp it connects me to vpc so i why I am not using the VPC public ip.

Secondly can a resource inside the VPC communicate with local machine when using cloudflare warp with tunnel. Local machine to vpc works what about vpc to local machine

What will be the private ip of my local machine when in the VPC ? :kissing:

Thanx @neuronbutter

Hey can I use anyone of these to setup proxy to AWS


Usually, when you use a VPN, you’re connecting to a site via some middleman. In this scenario, would see Cloudflare’s IP.

When you visit an orange-clouded website, the site is already hosted on Cloudflare’s network, so there’s no point in WARP hiding your IP anyway.

A virtual private cloud (VPC) running through cloudflared is quite literally just a network that’s being exposed to WARP. If you want your local machine to be accessible, you can just run cloudflared on your local machine, although I really can’t find see a practical use case for this.

@neuronbutter thanx a lot for your reply and illustration. But why it don’t show the VPC ip, and what will be my private ip when connect to vpc using cloudflared

@neuronbutter just asking is it possible to expose a network device like printer using cloudflare tunnel :kissing: and connect to it using warp

On some sites, it doesn’t show the Cloudflare IP (what you’re referring to as the VPC ip), because of a design choice by Cloudflare themselves. Your connection is still protected.

Absolutely! This tutorial shows how to expose your private network (with your printer on it), so that you can connect to Cloudflare for Teams (in the WARP client), and access your local devices.

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There is some confusion, let me explain what i am trying to achieve.

Client → cloudflare tunnel → AWS ec2 → now i want to show AWS ec2 public ip when browsing internet. Is it possible @neuronbutter

As I explained in my first reply, WARP isn’t designed like that. You could technically run a VPN in a VPN, but that’s not practical.

Cloudflare’s service isn’t intended for your use case, and you’re much better off using something like OpenVPN / WireGuard, or Outline (an easier approach).

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Thanks @neuronbutter :nerd_face:

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