Cloudflared access apps errors using warp on windows

Hello, i’m currently running a lab to test cloudflared access for teams.
I have successfully deployed the tunnel with my apps, but the problem is when i want to filter them to be used with warp client in windows.
This is my setup:

  • auth: azure
  • device posture: warp + gateway
  • app-policy: include warp, include gateway
  • gateway policies: none
  • access logs: im gonna post one as an example:
    "app_name": "siem",
    "user_email": "[email protected]",
    "user_id": "0999691e-cea1-4232-a58e-5195ffd7636d",
    "ip_address": "",
    "app_uid": "ca98e958-32c4-493b-9727-d7acb5c8ffc0",
    "app_domain": "",
    "app_type": "self_hosted",
    "connection": "azureAD",
    "allowed": true,
    "created_at": "2021-10-20T17:40:02Z",
    "ray_id": "6a1407582ca9f7a2",
    "country": "ar"

Testing workstation:

  • Ubuntu 20:
    I do warp-cli connect (after enroll, etc ,etc) and when i visit my app it connects without problems. If i disconnect from warp it stop working which is GREAT. This is how it’s supposed to work.

  • Windows 10 - Test A (my desktop pc):
    I have warp set up as “warp+ with DoH” and my app sometimes work and sometimes it doesn’t.
    sometimes it works normally, and then i will get "Forbidden You do not have permission to view this page " without doing any change.I have no idea why this is happening and i would like to know if someone else had to deal with this.

-Windows 10 - Test B (a clean w10 fresh installed in a vm):
I have the same issue. Same configuration, i turn it on/off even closing warp and opening it again, as admin or as a normal user and the same thing happens over and over again. Sometimes my app works just fine, and then i get the forbidden.

Things i tried:

  • Add azure to posture check. Nothing changed
  • Add a gateway policy to permit access to my app. Nothing changed
  • Updated warp client to latest (1.6.28). Nothing changed

This problem is just in my windows machines, warp works perfectly on ubuntu.

Can someone help me with this?