CloudflareCDN setup but won't cache anything

Hi, I’m on a vultr server, using WP FastestCache, and I was loading my page on 1.2s.
Since I did configure cloudflare, the loading takes about 2-3s, and the content isn’t even delivered by Cloudflare, what have I missed ?
The html page doesn’t even contains cache-control or anything…here is my pagerule :* - cache everything - TTL Edge : 1 month - Cache origin : On

Thank you for your help !

Oh and also the wp admin layout dissapeared when I’m on the site

It’s caching:


Hi, thank your for your reply.
However I’m confused. shouldn’t at lest some request be delivered by cloudflare, particulary when I test it from the other side of the world ? It does absolutly nothing actually

I’m sorry I don’t know how to edit a post, but I forgot to mention something strange : installing cloudflare disabled my child theme and I can’t use it now, “activate” button does nothing

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