Cloudflare ZTNA Colocation DC Change


Is it possible to force users to connect to a specific DC (not the closest one)?

No, what it it you’re trying to achieve?

We have a Colo DC in Amman, Jordan however the latency is high almost 200 ms and status show re-routed. I thought if I can force it to go through London or Germany

Interestingly, my ping to google<.>com is around 25 ms, however to my vm behind tunnel is 200ms (my pc and vm are behind the same firewall)

Where is it being rerouted to now?

How can I find this?


It gives a good idea of where you are being routed to by plan level. It tells you the IATA airport code of the colo

Hi, does it apply to tunnels as well (cloudflared)? My problem is not with Internet, it is with the hosted applications

I believe it applies to Tunnels aswell, but I could be wrong. What’s the city you are being routed to? Usually it’s MRS and that should be <100ms for you

Could you please me know can I find this info?

On ZT, I can see RUH however by checking I can see it is Amman (Jordan).

For cloudflared, how can I find this info?