Cloudflare zone lock down and site24x7 monitoring does not work


I have created new zone lock down for one url in our domain for developer access and few IP addresses and we also have site24x7 monitor for that site.
Support from site24x7 says: “it is recommended to whitelist all the IP”s since the polls could be triggered from any of the servers. However, we’ve mapped all our monitoring location IP addresses to a single domain name, By resolving this domain name, you can automate your IP whitelisting and ensure your database firewall rules are constantly updated.”

When I white list all their IPs monitoring does not work. Where do I need to whitelist site24x7 IPs besides zone lock down so monitoring can work?

Though I am not aware that there is any limit on whitelisted IPs, I‘d recommend to create a firewall rule in this case which blocks everything except your monitoring service and your dev‘s IP addresses.

IP Access rules were limited in the past and you couldn’t block everything out of the box. For example you were able to block /16 and /24 networks only at once. It was nearly impossible to lock down a specific area or URL and the rules applied to the whole site. That’s the reason why they added Zone Lockdown for dev purposes.

The new firewall is more advanced and allows you to create a rule ‚allow x deny all others‘

Zone lockdown is more restrictive than whitelisting iPs. A zone lockdown rule only allows the IPs specified access. The monitoring would also need tobe in that list for the lockdown rule.

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