Cloudflare Zero Trust - WARP Setup

Hi Team,

I’m traying to setup policy in Cloudflare Zero Trust ( use WARP client for our team)… so our members to be able to use/connect with theirs laptops/mobiles for better security and performance.

But when I’m adding our domain, Page getting stuck and in the console seeing some error 400 from the cloudlflare apis. Any idea?

Also if I’m going to setup Rules/Policies on the other way from settings->devices-> Device enrollment and create the same policy. Says that is added but the rule is not showing in the table.

Also the Team name is configured on Cloudflare and when I try to connect

Getting always the same error, that the team name appears invalid or there is no device policy setup yet.

Can you please let me know if this is some bug with Cloudflare setup or I’m missing somthing.