Cloudflare Zero Trust UI broken in Edge/Chrome 100

Hi Cloudflare Team,

Zero Trust dashboard navigation does not work using Edge/Chrome 100. Screenshot below:

My browser:


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There were a couple of incidents yesterday about the Zero Trust dashboard and they have been resolved:

Please logout and login again and let us know if you still see the same issue.


I’ve just setup my zero trust account to try the product and I’ve been hitting the same issue. Logout + Login did not help, the dashboard is still broken. I’m also running Edge, version 101

Logged out, cleared cache and tried again. Did not work! I also tried in Incognito, that didn’t work either.

PS: Zero Trust Dashboard works perfectly in Chrome 98, the issue is happening in Chrome / Edge 100 only.

I have Chrome 99 and it is working for me.
I will ask who has Chrome >99 to see if they have this problem.

Just checked and it is working fine in my Edge Linux Version 100.0.1185.23 (Official build) beta (64-bit).

Thanks for addressing this issue.

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