Cloudflare Zero Trust Super Admin but Billing is Read Only

When I open Cloudflare Zero Trust I show up as the Super Admin but I still have read only access to billing. I cannot add billing info or choose a plan. I am the only one on my account.

Welcome to the community! I think that the best way to get this issue solved is to open a support ticket. To do so, just go to: Then, click on “Enable the new Support Portal”. After doing so, head over to “What can we help you with” and select “Account & Billing”. Now you should select the options in the drop down menus that appear that fit most with your problem. In your case, I would choose “Identity and Access management” → “Other/I don’t know”.

After that, complete the rest of the information and submit the ticket. You may receive a confirmation request shortly after. If your ticket get automatically closed, just reply to it to reopen it (since your request is accout-related).

Hope it helps!