Cloudflare Zero Trust subscription can not be cancelled

Because a bug of Cloudflare, this account’s Free Cloudflare Zero Trust subscription can not be cancelled.

An uncertain bug made Cloudflare Zero Trust available before I add my payment information, and it can not be cancelled through “billing/subscriptions” dashboard even after I add my payment information.

The “Cancel” is clickable, but nothing changes after I fill in the form and confirmed. The “Service Status” remained “Renews on MM/DD/YYYY” rather than “Ending on MM/DD/YYYY”. I’ve tried for a few times.

Here’s a possible way to reproduce the bug:
Get an account without billing information, click " Access policy" in a Pages deployment, and you may enter the Zero Trust panel.
This may cause warnings about billing but wait for some time (uncertain, maybe instant or a few weeks), and click the Zero Trust in the main panel, the Zero Trust panel may not warn you about billing.
Then go to Settings-Account (or anywhere else) to “purchase” a free plan. This could be done without a billing information. Then Zero Trust (Free Plan) is available for you.

Hi @lwd-temp,
Have you sent a ticket to our support team to assist you with this?

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Yes, but I haven’t got a reply yet.

If you share the ticket number, then we can escalate it for you

It’s “[Cloudflare Support] 2466844 - Billing Dash Ticket - Cloudflare Zero Trust subscription can not be cancelled”.

Thank you. I have escalated your ticket.

Hi @lwd-temp

Updated your ticket asking for a HAR at your next convenience.

Thanks. I’ve uploaded the HAR files.

As per your Cloudflare ticket, we’ve proceeded to action the cancellation on our backend.

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