Cloudflare Zero Trust not connecting from China

I’ve researched this topic and can’t seem to find a definitive answer.

In short, we have a remote office in mainland China and are trialling Zero Trust however none of our users are able to connect via the CF Zero Trust client. The moment the client attempts to do so, it kills the internet connection, failing to assign DNS entries.

We had success with 1 user who managed to connect via the HKG POP however all others are attempting to connect via the LAX POP which simply doesn’t work.

To provide some additional context, the GFW blocks all traffic to the most common Cloudlfare URLs and IP’s (which is somewhat expected) however it’s my understanding that Cloudflare have overcome this with their China network partners although information provided by CF is very limited without clear direction on what needs to be done to get ZTNE working properly.

Would greatly appreciate some insights here and assistance with understanding any tips or tricks (if they exist).

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