Cloudflare Zero Trust ISP compatibility

Good afternoon,

We’re using Cloudflare Zero Trust (aka Cloudflare Warp aka Cloudflare Teams aka Cloudflare Access) with cloudflared to access internal resources and everything works great. However, there’s one user who’s using Airtel Xtream Fiber (India) and he’s having very strange issues when performing certain actions using the tunnel. They are strange, because only very specific types of network traffic is impacted. For example, when deploying SSIS packages over the tunnel he’s getting the error “The semaphore timeout has expired” (my understanding is that the connection was forcibly interrupted via TCP RST). All issues disappear when he switches to another ISP (to be fair – that also means another router/wifi SSID).

I was relieved (I’m not crazy, yay!) to find this post on stackoverflow that describes one of the symptoms our user has experienced – visual studio 2017 - Web Deploy Failed Publish - Stack Overflow and references another post on a Chinese forum. Both posts also mention Cloudflare was involved.

Just wanted to check if anyone experienced this sort of issues.